$AUPH ok I have hypothetical question, especially for all in boyz, what if they can't sell Lupkynis? Kinda SGYP scenario but slower death since financials here are way better. How many quarters are you going to hang around for a "turnaround"? I'm bullish and have ~3% position, but boy, I will be so OUT after Q2 (q1 really won't count, prob few $M) if those numbers dissapoint. Market is clearly in "waiting mode" now for thoSe sales #s
@albertop @DulyNoted @dgrams @humour sgyp and auph in the same paragraph is downright awful comparison. Sgyp had for sale signs hanging all over place assuming they would be bought and were not ready for launch at all. Horrible management. Auph team is going full bore assuming they wont be bought. Hit the ground running months before approval! I'm hoping for the best but prepared for slow start due to covid..