$AMRN $AAPL $TSLA @ScryingBiotech actually believes real analysts with real degrees and real jobs would latch on to his ideas? He is considered the joke of a stock board for always being wrong and thinks professionals would adopt his ideas?!??! He was wrong about every detail of what would happen with VASCEPA and the company. He properly called the drop after FDA approval (which he said we would never get). That’s just guess a stock price move correctly. And he got lucky. Or the tarot cards he uses for it right. He is a dangerous man. Do not listen to him. He is admitted to being deeply disturbed and living off the Goverment and using tarot cards to predict stocks. Be very careful with this information. His only job is to deceive. He hates longs who made money and calls them elites. He wants you to lose money. I have made a fortune doing the opposite of him. You can too.
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