@Rain_man1 whoha, looks like someone got triggered. Sorry, after i make a point and prove it (to everyone reading these post) I usually bring the focus to somewhere else. I did good shorting and will probably do well Monday morning also. The market has turned bearish. we are 1/3 into the bearish movement. This movement is something i noticed on the charts but im sure of now. If you hold long enough youll make good on a bearish position right now in the short term better than a bullish. The market will rally but fail Soon after to make lower lows until we make it closer to the center of this 10 channel. At that point its like a reset button is hit and we can start making higher highs again. As i said in the past this chart is a cheat sheet for the market flow. If we make it to the farthest top or bottom of the channel there will be a reversal. It happened in march on the lows and now on the highs of that channel. $SPY $es_f $QQQ