$SPY $ES_F we got back to the upper channel‘s resistance and actually made it over, BUT because of the new bearish catalyst (one Fed. Member speaking out on tapering earlier and a couple of senators not agreeing with Biden on Powell) the market is already prepped for a dip to $462. Bring it on. BUY THE DIP!
@DanSanTrades $200 oil already priced into the market. That's funny. Next you'll tell us sea level rise is priced into Malibu oceanfront property. I'll be back to laugh at you. Best block me now
@Shatter_Hand i been here in less time than you can have close to 30x more people following me because i proved to them im more right than wrong. That’s the basic concept of being a successful retail trader. You not going to be right 100% of the time because random bearish or bullish catalysts can enter the market at anytime. I never block people unless there intensions are harassing me. If you’re in tent is to prove me wrong you better do it with logic and not luck. If im wrong i can logical explain WHY i was wrong in my analysis and what i did to adapt. I been debating with guys like you for years and usually im proven to b right. Then they go silent and back into their hole. Or we become friends 🤷‍♂️😂 The market is going to dip to the nearest support and then rally. Im going by there being green days every thanksgiving week for years And weighting out these new bearish catalyst.