@GOLDisbest if I recall you were a short guy with btc. Sharing this with a select few: If you want to take a flyer in what my cryptographic study of the chart and the order book machinations has revealed: put in a short order at 10200-10300. You can set whatever stop limit buy order above that short order that you want for yourself to protect against rolling the dice on this, but I can say that my work showed that a tight stop will do it, so 10371. I’m going for 10481 myself My code breaking work says this applies for the current weekly candle, and I also believe this will not happen when we are all awake, it’s going to be like 10/11, an after hours rip and retrace. And just so I can sound even more batshit insane to you, the code says the weekly candle closes at 7300-7320: dead stop. No wick at the bottom of this candle. The first part, yeah, I can wrap my head around. But even I can’t believe the code break showing me a 7300 close. Pretty easy flier with only 1% risk.
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