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      Andrew Grant
      Investor. Options swing-trader. Using out of the box, equity-specific TA: Volpinacci's new math. Abolitionist of the corrupt 2+1 parties system. Former Libertarian ~> independent.
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      Maria Chaudhry
      H.U.S.T.L.E. #WelcomeToAnarchy99 #TripleCommas #PlayThePeople #StayGreen #LaFamilia #BlackBoxStocks ⬛️✅💖💯
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      David Blair Official Account
      Keep trading simple with a clearly defined process based on price alone. Trade what is, not what you think should be. Opinions only.
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      Dallman Ross
      A short seller is not betting on the cracking of free enterprise; he's betting he can find cracks in the sidewalk. Expat, ex-law left-coastian fan of Brownian motion trying to write his way out of a paper bag in human and non-human languages.
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      Kyle Louis
      After returning 1400% trading Bitcoin in 2013, I took my profits to the market. I watch companies with strong FA, focusing on top performers in tech/healthcare, typically with strong IBD composite scores, utilizing TA to make buy & sell decisions.
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      A community of traders sharing ideas and helping one another earn daily! Join our Stock Alert System
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      I consider myself a short term investor. I have three seperate portfolios each holding one third of my capital.
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      90% of traders fail, WE are the others. The most affordable chatroom, alerts, live custom scanners, watchlists, morning newsletters, video lessons, etc... join us! FREE week trial below!
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      Adam Shoe
      Options: currently short premium / long delta via mixed portfolio strategies 30-90DTE swing trades, earnings, tech, industrials, consumer staples, biotechs.
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      Day/swing trader. Posts are not recommendations. Please do your own analysis and be responsible for your own trades. Mark 8:36
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      LuckyLou (Penny Wiz)
      Master chart reader & admin of eZwallStTrades™ alert chat room where together we earn $100's sometimes $1K's a day. Come join a great team & make money everyday while learning & getting better at trading for only $1 a day! Click link below to start.
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      Rick Alter
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      Long-Biased Swing Trader, interested in 8, 21 and 50 Day Moving Averages, Double Bottoms & Fibonacci Retracement Targets to enter trades. Long Live FAANG and high Beta Tech stocks. BTFD.
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      H.U.S.T.L.E #WelcomeToAnarchy99 #PlayThePeople #TripleCommas #Mushin #YouCantLiveInFear stocks, long short and momentum, options
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      Omar P
      To create - to laugh - to love - to feel - to believe - to imagine - to inspire! Investing on Stocks and Trading on others. Success is a Team Sport! #Togetherisbetter
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      Joel & Ryne
      Trade alongside of us free for 30 days and unlock your true potential! ||......Founders of - The Investment Community......|| Find Us Below ⤵️
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      John Butler
      Trading full-time since 2008 ; SwingTrade, DayTrade mostly options; yes , traded through the Great Recession; and am still solvent🤓🙄
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      The Wizard
      Intraday Scalper Swing Trader using Technical Analysis. Wall Street Consultant. Live Streams. Education. -Jesse Livermoore -There is only one side of the market and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side.
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      Engineer Turned Marketing Dude, Turned Finance Dude, Turned Internet Entrepreneur, Turned Stock Options Junkie. Credit Spreads Specialist. NO PAPER TRADING HERE. >>Email me for market recaps+more:
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      Twenty Two Capital Trading
      Check out our FREE chat room today, 20-30 live calls per day. (link in bio) *My trades are not buy/sell recommendations. If you are unfamiliar with any of these terms, please seek professional assistance for financial education.