$CEI shorts: Sell high, buy low, pocket the profit. Bulls: buy high from bears, get depressed seeing the price dropping and sell the same shares to bears for way less than what they paid; take the losses out of their pockets. The result, smart people taking money from idiots. Meanwhile idiots keep being idiots and repeating the same cycle taking losses. Great days ahead. No matter how high it goes, it will ALWAYS come below the cost for bears meanwhile bulls have no idea when it will start dumping. Wnjoy the ride 😂
@dineshsharma10 i didn’t short below $1 but I honestly wouldn’t mind to do so. Why not? It is going to die anyways. Today’s $1 will be worth $0.0001 in a few years. Look at this chart. A few years ago it was $290M 😂😂😂. CEO got bears’ back. He will do R/S and offerings so we ain’t got anything to worry about