$EVC LordConMan blocked me when I kept trying to warn everyone this thing was going to tank. All my posts warning everyone were responses to his BS. He has been pumping this thing like crazy and telling everyone it's going to $17. These guys are going from broadcasting to digital with just 20-25% of the margin of broadcast. Big deal if revenue expanding. A 1% drop in margins will crash EPS and CF. As I said, in two of the past three years in January/February the auditors warned of major issues with their reporting. Will it happen again in two months? Their due diligence sucks. I have traded this stock and posted 13 years on it. I bought 435,000 shares in the $1.30's when they had the Billion dollar lawsuit for copyright violations hanging over their heads. The $80 million in broadcast revenues they just lost will take $80-100M in new revenue just to make up the FCF and EPS. I would add that in last 5 years they have written down about 70-80% of all digital assets purchased.