$GNUS as an iOS app designer that’s worked on many top apps — there is so much wrong with this iOS app. It’s very poorly done. I’m rooting for GNUS but lost a little faith after seeing this app. They did not spend the right time on design and development here. It’s cheaply done and rushed. 1. Why doesn’t everything align on UX? Why is the home button higher than the camera button? It’s the main navigation and it’s not even aligned. So rushed. 2. Why didn’t they turn on the white status bar on the top? So simple and basic. 3. They didn’t account for the top notch when the camera is in landscape mode. The “X” to close is half way behind the top notch. 4. Just look at that about page. There’s nothing there. It’s horrible. 5. There’s a gigantic watermark on every video. Why!? At least do a white version of the logo, smaller, with just the text and fade it back more. 6. Why is there no info on any of the videos and story lines? So much empty space.