$GERN The cry babies on here should sell and move on...GET OVER IT! This is the time to take advantage of GERN’s low price...As many of you know, I have been pounding the table to ACCUMULATE! I just added another 20,000 shares last week, keep in mind you should only risk what you are willing to loose! In my case, I don’t care, as I have nothing but profit taken from my core holdings like AAPL, SBUX and DIS to name a few, that have allowed me to ACCUMULATE a large position in GERN over the last 6 years...Yes, I could have dumped it with a significant profit before the aholes at JNJ decided they needed to put the $1B for GERN in to Talc lawsuit payouts. I’m in it til the end....which IMO will be FDA approval and a huge BO! Long n Strong GERN
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