$MVIS You've got to understand something about the tone of the ER. The company has put all their chips on the development of the best in class lidar. The achieved that in the same timeframe of main stream media categorically framing the company as an empty 'meme-stock'. I think Sumit probably is pretty freaking angry about reaching the most important milestone in the history of the company in the time that the whole world (except WSB and us) discredit the company is major fashion. I think after the annual shareholders meeting things are going to speed up. The renewed incentive plan (with Sumit heavy focussed pay on shared) comes in to play as of the meeting. In june some important oldies are leaving the board, without selling their shares. I think the tone of the ER was a bit down, as they achieved the best possible but the image of the company has been damaged as bad as possibly could, discrediting their achievement. patience is key!