$KTOV Good morning everyone, I'm up early, sober and pumped. Sorry about yesterday, I just went to celebrate a bit, got drunk. I placed about 20% of my portfolio on this ticker @ 0.28 and avg. up to 39.5% all the way up to 0.54. Got A LOT of shares here and I haven't sold a single one yet! I'll tell you why, I know this ticker from a few years back, I know it's potential and I was there at the 2018 breakout when I previously gained around 400% (0.65-2.80) on pure hype when they ONLY announced NT-219. This time it's different and bigger! 2 Years have passed, deals were made, some big players came in, the direct-offering from yesterday was made for an Institutional Investor, I wonder whom... I'll just say that $MRK had an offering of $1.1B closed on the 26th (check me) as well. Coincidence? I think not. Q2 ends with June, 2 more events related to NT219 must come before it ends - Collab, and phase 1/2. Both big events, $MRK announced Keytruda, I think you know where It's heading... GL
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