$CATB I guess I should have stuck with my first analysis. I thought the market broke this ticker down, since it lost support, so it seems that I was being too cautious after all. I just didn't want anyone to lose money on account of my previous prediction, but like someone on this board mentioned, first post is usually the best, "Buy on Friday for a run on Monday" that was my previous prediction, before I took it back. I guess that it is still on for Monday. The question now, WHERE IS IT HEADING TO? I'll give you the data and you decide: Daily BB says 4.13 Resistance line says 4.82 Gap (was already filled but it says) 5.41 Weekly BB says 6.03 Last bump up to 7.97 (which didn't last) went to the upper BB boundary on the weekly which was then 7.41 My guess is ~ $6.48 I'm not being deterministic on this ticker since it's not acting deterministically, but I do see a big squeeze coming next week. So I'm in even tho I did not succeed maximizing the gains. 🤑