@Paperchasin @Darkwatcher ......hrtx..... - opioid crisis play - check FDA addressing the issue, Biden administration addressing the issue, local/state governments addressing the issue (very expensive to treat addicted folks), insurance companies addressing the issue, department of justice addressing the issue (prosecuting), larger pharma’s addressing the issue - downside risk to $18.50-ish MAX IMHO - if the drug is approved, this will be in play for the next 1-2 years or more IMHO When, industry, payers and the policy makes are behind your product, it’s hard to lose.... $37, $40, ($60-$100....over time).... IMHO
@josegodoy @Paperchasin a buddy sent me some info on $BCRX and there is some strong gains to get there coming up! So keep that one on watch. I’m hoping to play the gaps 🤠so here’s my 4 moves plotted out on the read. Each red line is a weak spot and could drop to the next, and at the red line I’ll buy twice as much. 😂 paperchasin use control,and don’t jump on people pumps... play it cool and slow.
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