@CallingYouOut247 I never said I sold, learn how to read. I was quoting YOUR lame question asking me why I didn't sell. remember???? "sell NOV 6???, Lame & weak! why would I sell it's moving up? PUSSY!" You're only prooving that you are still feeling butt hurt, why else would you be messaging me a week later? Your feeble emotional attempts to get at me are futile! I own you and always will because TRUTH trumps BULLSHIT every time! Mark my words you will never forget me!!! Because I permanently OWN real estate in your mind, and you will prove it, everytime you message me or post my name, you are really just declaring my dominance over you! 不不不 It is simple Jedhi mind control. READY??? Here's the word for YOU "BOHICA", now this word will live forever in your mind, to remind you, I OWN YOU! You stand NOOOOOO chance against the force! Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, BOHICA. 不不不
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