@SICKofWinning @ooLURCHoo I have a few early Ring magazines all with Ali on the covers all signed, including the 1963 March issue With him standing above Sonny Liston (that iconic pic) who he just KO'd to win the title for the first time, I also have that same pic a friend cut out of a magazine and framed as a bday gift for me and I got Ali to sign that too. My favorite though is a comic book that I bought when I was 11 or 12 just because it featured Ali vs Superman in a boxing match, Ali won & sent superman to the hospital in an ambulance🀣 Ali signed all of these for me when I was like 26 πŸ‘ All are in my parents safe for me, Dad recently took a pic for me of the Ali vs Liston autograph cus Rimack asked to see it. check it out
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