$CLF Take a look at this chart, 1 day - 1 minute. I'd really like to hear what others think, especially from the ex pros who might have an informed judgment. Here's my thesis...... when an institution wants to buy a stock in real size (especially if it's not a trade), they will "work" the stock, not just wade in all at once. Buy some, let it settle, buy more, repeat. They also can keep raising their bid little by little, being willing to pay up, but not disturb the market. Now... notice this chart... there's a defined slope from about 8:30 to 10:00... and the same slope starting again at 11:00. Is this a large buyer doing exactly what I described above. This isn't TA, in the sense of day trading off of it, but if I'm correct it's a solid sign of longer term fundamental buyers coming in. Whatcha all think?