$ZN ok here’s some things I wish people would’ve told me when I started. 1. Charts do lie, all the time. Would you base your investment on 1 analysts prediction? Same with charts to truly make them work you need to evaluate a minimum of three. 2. If you sell for a loss in a stock make yourself a note that you can not buy that stock again for 3 months or anything even similar or you will have a less than desirable tax season. 3. If you don’t truly truly believe in a company based on your own beliefs and studies you will more than likely be unhappy the whole time you hold the stock. 4. Perhaps the most important, spreading your portfolio out in smaller pieces is much more comfortable than “letting it ride”. There’s so much to it but if you’re not having fun and enjoying your investments/trades then you’re doing it wrong. I’m enjoying every day in ZN because I believe in it, it’s a small amount of my portfolio and I feel my risk is relatively small.
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