$SPY nothing has changed for me on my chart, just reacting intraday. And you're an idiot if you're bullish from here. Short term (1-3 months). I know the end result of price action short term is FOMC January 25-26. This is a beautiful combination of real volume mixed with algos. Which are led by algos. Let me summarize: basically, $470 is 2% from ATH. $475 is 1% from ath. Going into the first FOMC of 2022 with even potential worse news. Even if the news is exactly what it is now, which has been the same for 45 days now, that's not good news lol lol which is why you saw $457. Inflation= higher interest rates= less buying buying power= less demand for goods/services= less revenue =lower quarterly earnings=pullback-correction stage levels. Why is that so hard for people to understand?..