@AnneMarieTrades @stockfella Not true at all. Every contract in existence delivers 1000 barrels of oil, whoever is holding it at the end of the day gets the oil. Which makes every seller have a buyer, like any CONTRACT on planet earth. There is no most, it's always 50/50, every single time. It's not like an option where it's a right to buy-- it's a contract, you are forced to buy. It's zero sum. There is no "most" that's completely wrong. Have to disagree respectfully And on how it's traded: 1) Comm's are the sum of large/small spec, it's actually more than each individual category the largest interest lies in commercials, not day traders 2) Swap Dealers (representing cash delivery of price fluctuations of the physical commodity) is greater than each managed money and other reportables respectively. Both of these points above display that the pressure on the futures market is greatest by those with interest in delivery on the institutional side, not hedge funds/or money managers
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