$XSPA Just a heads up here. Most people know I’m very bullish and I AM! But I see a lot of people talking about and posting pics of the ‘International Class’ Codes 044 and 043 from the trade mark application description. Though I am VERY hopeful that they make a lot of these areas of business a reality, you all need to know that these are codes in the trade mark application that describe what the trademark covers so that other companies cannot use the same name in those areas of business. It’s a protection for the trademark, not a description of what the company ‘will’ do. im hoping to see some of these things in the ‘international classes’ come to fruition but please note, Xpresspa did not write these. They are predetermined codes of protection. Hence the code 044 and 043. I‘ve posted this before so this is for some of the new peeps. I’m long on this and not selling a share. Just putting info out here.
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