$UAMY "gus and I are working our tails off here, everyday, were not overwhelmed but damn close, we could use help on a variety of things, filling our documentation, permitting, water sampling, etc etc, but they are all things that are necessary, so it is critical that we get help here, but in terms of the herniary of what we would do with our help, we agree the first person we hire has to be on site in preston Idaho to oversee bear river zeolite, and it will really tighten things up there, in terms of additional help, and if I had another person here Id have them help me sell antimony, draft flow charts for a variety of auditors, I could drown you with boring details, I just want to sell antimony.... " "i would have them help interface with someone making the website" "one of the reasons (it is challenging to get help) is that nearly no one wants to live here or in preston idaho" "it is very difficult to find somebody with the set of skills we need in order to help us and not hinder"