$BB while we have CRWD valued 4x all of BB with less revenue and differentiation and ZS same at 2x Bb and now BOX valued almost equal to BB for being a filing cabinet in the cloud you have to wonder when these idiot hedge funds are going to let BB be valued for what it’s worth. Think about their IP/products: - QNX - Cylance - Certicom - Secursmart - AtHoc - Radar - Good Tech/ - 40,000 patents generating 200M in cash cow revenue per year - Partnerships with many of the largest and leading companies in the world including for QNX integration, Cylance integration, etc Indeed tipping point in 2019-2020. Chen gets his first tier bonus in 2020 and second tier bonus in 2021 FUD and scammers are skating on thin ice. Chen just needs to release the MOAB in Q4-20 results (Mar20) and raise guidance significantly. R&D investments to begin reaping rewards in 2020 and beyond. Patience.
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