@TheWitte1 Using leverage is a lot like using fire. Fire when used wisely can be very beneficial to the user, but when used wrong, it destroys. I got stupid and greedy with leverage. I used to trade $TQQQ $RETL $BIB and I was making great money. Then I stumbled upon $UWTI & $DWTI which are now closed. I thought I was smart and I thought this stuff was so easy, like fishing from a barrel. But then the price of oil crashed in 2014 and I got stuck with $UWTI. I mistakenly tried to lower my cost basis by continuing to buy $UWTI on every 15% drop in price. Fast forward 2 years and I ended up losing 25k or about 80% of my "investment" when $CS decided to close these funds. I had to learn the hard way, I hope you don't. I was so affected by this trade that it changed everything I do and think about investing. It prompted me to become the @DeepValueETFAccumulator
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