@TheWitte1 So, by the time $CS closed these leveraged funds, I'd had already begun my journey to become the @DeepValueETFAccumulator I sold off all my leveraged funds and swore them off altogether. But as time went on, I decided I would allow one 2x leveraged fund in my portfolio. I do have a small allocation to $QLD I have few rules that I follow with this fund. 1. I only buy it when it dips 20% or more. 2. I only buy 1% lots (meaning 1% of the account value). 3. Once I start buying it, I only add to it if I can get a lower price than my previous purchase. I'm only 15 years from retirement. I no longer have the risk tolerance for 3x funds. I miss them a bit, but oh well, survival is better than max returns. IMO. I wish you well. Tread carefully with leverage.
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