$MTNB MTNB is in a very ideal place 1)MRNA, PFE and BNTX are being sued by ALNY-and others- for infringing on their LNP patents in developing their Covid vaccines 2)LNPs are INFERIOR....to *LNCs (*MTNB's platform) *Slide 8 of MTNB's MAY 2022 CORPORATE PRESENTATION explains very convincingly how and why LNCs are superior to LNPs AND....Viral Vectors ! 3)BioNTech has been in MTNB's LNC kitchen for almost 4 months now. Their army of scientists have surely come up with several promising vaccine formulations (oral & inhaler) by now. Will BNTX and MTNB reveal these new vaccine formulations and will they divulge any preclinical data on Aug. 8th ? I believe the answer will be yes 4)Then add in MAT 2203, MAT 2501, Oral Rem, Roche's 3 treatments and other new LNC treatments MTNB is developing internally, AND possible new collaboration partners and you have the fuel to send the MTNB rocket ship soaring to mid-single digit levels $5/sh here we come !