$SPY Idk, yall. Given last 2 days price action, without a serious catalyst S&Ps gonna roll pretty hard. Momentum just fucking Nose dived since Monday. Like hard... Momentum hasnt been this low since we broke out of the crash in March. Fact that price is holding up and momentum just bombed like this.... Of course this fits my theory of Legenday Short Squeeze before we dip down and retrace, but the catalyst needs to move that ass. I know if were free falling and the Catakyst I'm expecting will cause one of the most violent reversals you've ever seen. But shit. Idk. If we dont get something by next Monday were gonna break 294 and most likely go to 285 atleast. And next monday is stretching it with this momentum tank. Stupid fucking fake ass China faggot virus. I dont even care so much about the kiney.... so ez to make with futes and futes options... I dont want the Propaganda Whore Media and China Fags to win. I want to fuck them so hard their eyeballs bleed.
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@QuantumSense three major funds stepped out beginning of June. They were cooperating front running the Fed, 5B or so each, usually no more than 5B each in at a time at most. Now, the crisis swaps expire and the liquidity demands are eased. BlackRock and friends. They're out now. Now its regular business.