@TheDarkStranger @DefStar Both have a nasty learning curve, but IBKR and Bookmap used well means supreme market dominance. But please note that the ability to lock in a permanent 25% discount on the MBO data expires at the end of July. Must order it from the Bookmap Marketplace. It is greatly nerfed without MBO data, which shows you an oscillator of icebergs and retail stop losses in real time (with futures), as well as showing more detail. For that, it’s worlds better than FlowAlgo. marketplace.bookmap.com/ Regarding IBKR, here is a checklist of crucial features to master: * Anti-slippage order entry algos: MidPrice and AdaptiveAlgo. * Beta-delta dollars from risk navigator. * Delta dolllars as a column in the portfolio tab. * Switch charts to see overnight data. * Learn how to make bracket orders in the presets with the “Allow in RTH hours” flag on. * Learn how to drag your limit orders on the chart. * Customize the charts and your portfolio tabs.