$BTC.X DJ Defcon 1 is back with you again spinning that number one hit! Tobias Got Recktd! SUNG TO RAPPERS DELIGHT I said a hip hop a hippity hop, common Bitty you don’t stop! I said a bing bang da Bitty, da upchuck da Bitty, da bing bang da Bitty da be! I..know..a..guy..named..Tobias, thought he could short the Bitty at its high cause… …he’d done it with stocks, and thought he could rock, but didn’t realize Bitty just don’t stop! Then he was Reckt…he wish he’d have kept, his dollas in his pocket for the next pop! Everybody say hotel motel Holiday Inn, if Tobias keeps tryin’ to short the Bitty, He’ll get Reckt again! I said and on and on and on and on, Bitty don’t stop till the break of dawn!
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