$BYND this stock has from the ipo been only a trading vehicle. The product matters only for the purpose of generating hype. The very low initial float and 80% locked up shares allowed the stock to rise rapidly on a series of short squeezes to culminate in a blow-out top at $240 area. 10x ipo price!! Steady down from there. Lost 2/3 value since then. If you don’t think certain people made a fortune manipulating this you’re naive. Still making money. The bulls talking about McD and DNKN and China burgers are not seeing the big picture. All that could happen but this stock will never see $150 again. The numbers just don’t add up. And now with the float 5x what it was, shorting is cheaper and easier. Headed to $40 by end of 1st qtr 2020. There will be bounces, but they’ll be sold into and fade. At some point, we’ll reach bottom but this is not it. Lower highs, lower lows on the weekly bars will have to stop to have any relief for the bulls. I’m in next week’s $75 puts and Dec $60 puts
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