$GOEV Let's clear some confusion on the Hyundai deal and the replaced management. Canoo pursued a deal with Hyundai pre-SPAC because they were about to go broke. They needed the money from the deal even if the deal itself wasn't in their best interest. Post-SPAC Canoo easily has enough money (700mil with burn of 60mil) to sustain itself as long as it needs. That Hyundai deal that was leaking IP and not seeing Canoo adequately paid for the work being done was nixed as it wasn't needed any more As for management changes every person that has been replaced has been replaced by someone who is more qualified and better able to help Canoo succeed. In their 10k they mentioned that their accounting practices weren't rigorous enough for success, hence why the CFO left. Canoo has only done the best to ensure a successful product and excellent company. This will soar.