@DelawareInTheHouse ouch!! I am sure many people lost but they don't have the balls to admit it was the wrong investment. If I invested in MRNA I would have made out real good. I did score good on OCGN . I bought that at $0.29 ad loads of it. Kim is a liar he was playing the investors all along and that is why he cant get an outside investment. lets face it all along we said if the DoD has their back they must be a winner as the DoD does their homework before investing money. So I would say it should be the opposite now that DoD pulled the plug. INOVIO has the put themselves up for sale.
Congrats on your OCGN buy @Ourmoneynow! I think you are correct. Kim stated in 2013 that 2014 would dwarf 2013. It did not happen. I don’t understand how people can still trust him. He could care less about the average investor.