$NAK In 30 days we will have permit. Negotiations for buyout are on going. Gold has closed above 1900! Buyout will be immediately after permit. In order to get the mine before gold 2500. Gold in 6 to 8 months will be 2500. Which adds billions to the worth of the deposit. Next year this time gold will be 3500! And by the time they break ground in 3 years, conservatively above 5k. The minerals in the ground worth trillions.If Barrick buys, their market cap will increase a couple hundred billion by the time they break ground. It will make Barrick the number one major producer in the world. They have no time to waste. NAK will not be a party to law suits. The Army will be and it will be shut down. There is no argument here. The tails dam is a flow through sand filter which cannot flow if there is catastrophic failure. The mine is nothing but positive for the region, Alaska and the United States the natives will get free energy, schooling, and share in profits. It’s a win for everybody.
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