$MDXG I have ambivalent feelings about posting this as like all longs I’d like to see shorts experience maximum pain and suffering and this post may serve to mitigate their pain, but fundamentally I am a human being, so...per the SEC and DOJ filings yesterday we are TOLD THIS: “They (MDXG) had roughly $1B of revenue. It appears $12 million is a permanent difference or about 1.2% overstatement. So while Chicken man claimed real revenue would be 20% of what they reported it appears it will be more like 98.8%.” So there you have it shorts: my gift to humanity and if you fail to cover NOW, well, thanks very much! The company will report cumulative earnings of just under 1B, not the 200M suggested by 🐔. That suggests a post restatement pps of $12–$15, so cover now or cover later.
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