$INQD - PrevClose: .0155 - Currently: .0137 - So this was the "possible" climb back to .015 that I mentioned weeks ago that I thought would likely max out at .012. As I've said before, the MM typically gives everyone one chance to correct a trading mistake before making you lose everything. The other day and today (if you bought above .015 and are down and might have bought more around .007 recently) to get the hell out before this drops back to .005 and is pinned for years. I see one of two patterns happening from today's 10%+ loss. It could shoot up to .018 within the next two sessions, then drop hard, or it could drop hard to .0065 within the next sessions and the dwindle down again for a long time. Any sideways activity I would take as merely baiting. And it's not "weak pussies" selling that's preventing this from climbing, it's the market makers. If they don't want it to climb they can inject 500 shares and drop the price 25% in an instant. You guys need to get a clue.
INQD - Last: .0089 (.0080 LOTD - VOL: 34M) - A tiny drop pattern is just about completed. Perhaps a tiny up-spike to .0095 for a close, and then the party should really be over.
INQD - Last: .0077 - VOL: 15M - Possilby a little sideways action over the next 2-4 weeks before I think it will make a hard drop below .005 or worse. We'll see... And for the record, check out my exchange with the guru chart guy TwistedBucks back in April, where he said the price would never go below .01. Well, it went to .007 after I said it was going to drop, and now it's back to that level again...and again. TB has been wrong nearly 97% of the time... I've been correct 97% of the time... I guess people are too lazy to read old posts to see the truth.