$ARWR I think people jumping on ARWR are taking a big risk. I got in near 26 played $30 through $38 on various Calls & Spreads sold for 95% of my max & rolled it all out to Jan 2021 & Jan 2022 sold short term Calls against my Long Call positions to take advantage of the incredibly high premiums to finance my expensive ITM Leaps. I am still Long $37 Jan 2021 & Jan 2022 rolled my proceeds to Jan 2022 $55 ITM Calls. Don’t chase here. If you own shares sell Calls here like the Jan 2020 $80 for $3.00. It’s an exhausted at this point & there will be a cash out pull back. Chasing here is not going to make you happy. Sell Puts, Covered Calls or like me, but LEAPS sell short dated Calls while the premiums are juicy!
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