$CRSP whalewisdom.com/filer/bayer... if you look closely, this subsidiary only has two holdings. CRSP and some other unknown investment. This is looking more and more like an investment subsidiary that takes stakes in companies very early one and now that the stock had gone up dramatically since their early investment, they have divested 5% since holding 12.8% so are they spooked? No. They sold their first chunk when the stock was HALF of where it is now. They are obviously looking to make another investment so they need capital to do so and if they are only holding two positions, CRSP and some other unknown entity, where are they going to get the cash from? Borrow it? Do a secondary offering? They could but it seems when they have a negative net income and negative EPS they could afford to sell some CRSP for a huge gain which can be offset by their losses and they can deploy it elsewhere. This is a nothing burger!
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