@MVTCapital @Hard9er2 its more frustrating seeing how Trumpers bury their heads in the sand for 3.5 years as Trump systematically destroyed our institutions, how he daily says inaccuracies that r so distorted it puts people’s lives at risk. Even FOX is now realizing that what Trump is saying is costing people their lives. U say U want unity but its a lie. Trump has dismantled the organization that was in place to fight the pandemic then lies that he knew nothing about it yet there’s video of him saying so. He continuously lied about dismissing advice from professionals that the pandemic was coming to the US then lies that he knew it all along. Trump thinks he knows everything. If it’s not his idea, its not considered worthy. He says he takes no responsibility because it was a China disease. Now Chinese Americans get abused daily but stupid ass low life Trumpers! This is not Dems versus Republicans its Trump versus the TRUTH! Get ur head out of your ass TRUMP is the problem!
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