$DOCU Need a day to feel better when it gets to $218.42, lets hope it finally breaks through. It will make an earnings run once people realize that its MORE than a SAH stock. It’s at the beginning of a paradigm shift that was going to happen in 5 years but it happened in 9 months. It’s still has serious growth potential.
@smackemup $DOCU GAPS generally do it get filled. The first GAP up was filled on the way down and now there is the huge gap that will get filled on the way up. These GAPS create resistance and volatility. Those who got stuck and have been feeling the pain, will sell as the gap gets filled. Ironically, they should be holding on an reap the rewards of holding but human nature is funny. They will sell to make the “pain” go away. Anyway, once that selling is done, the next resistance points wide spread. Previous support levels that were broken on the way down are now resistance points on the way up. It’s been hard holding on but I am still holding my Calls for 12/18. I think Shorts are starting to cover a bit here and if it GAPS up, volume will go through the roof.