$DRIO $LVGO $CATS $HCAT I like to wish everyone an amazing weekend. Also, I like to let everyone know that the battle should not be between US vs US here. The battle is between US vs the MM and Algos. Instead of all the pathetic trolling and nonsense we need to create communities to share "real" DD and ideas. Don't let the trolls win. Ask questions if you are in doubt. Let the community answer them truthfully. Have constructive debates, instead of childish fact-less arguments. Stay informed Block any troll who can't give you a thesis as to why a stock is materially overvalued, just as you should block any pumper/chaser who can't give you a reason why it is undervalued. I see a lot of nonsense, fear mongering, and pure stupidity. On the other hand I also see a lot of genuine people trying to help, unite, and prosper. Lastly, if you think by sharing your tips and DD you're in some way losing competitive advantage, I will just leave you with one note: Retail doesn't move the needle!
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