$TRWRF I understand most are down around 30% here and feel helpless. PLEASE READ I would love to double my position here. Cant do it tho The bounce is coming the month of MAY-HEM is coming 2000 College's and Universities signed up for liquid avatar service Meaning they will likley have the students use it to log for attendance, health status upon applying and such. Also allowing them discounts to stores and a Visa card with crypto currency return with KABN cash purchases. Those that don't do their DD don't know shit so don't listen to them All my research and investments in this company were before all this NFT shit. All the NFT shit just gives so much extra revenue for the company. We should be sitting equal with #IPNFF once oasisdigitalstudios.com/ opens next month. Hope this little bit of DD helps calm nerves I just wish I had more to invest here and yes I am also down 21% here and I don't care at all I'm super confident here.