$AMC Day #815: This reminds me of my experience with AMY... "There was something in the headlights It stopped me on a dime Well, she was scared to death, so I said "Climb in, " and then she climbed Oh, yeah Well, she was bruised and broke from head to toe With a tear in her blood-stained shirt She didn't tell the whole truth, but she didn't have to I knew what had happened to her I didn't load her down with questions That girl had been through enough I just threw it in drive, looked in those eyes And I asked her where he was...." t's been 60 months and she still comes To see me from time to time It was worth the price, to see a brighter side Of the girl I picked up that night And I might be here forever It ain't paradise, that's true But it's whole hell of a lot better Than the place I sent him to, yeah All I can say at this point is, "Wait in the truck, Just wait in the truck..." youtube.com/watch?v=YsMB0i5...