$CHAP WEBULL SHORT? May 14, Webull had shares to borrow @ 14% vig (see pic). CHAP went down, Webull pulled shares. CHAP went up, Webull put shares back for shorting. Having watched Webull vs Chap like a hawk for weeks, I've seen bizarre activity re Webull manipulating data to look like folks are selling more than buying at ask. I've documented this in feed. Today, Webull again has CHAP listed as shortable but no shares appear. (See pic). If CHAP goes up, watch shares come back. NOBODY appears to be selling core positions. I believe Webull may have got caught naked on April 30 when the Fed made surprise announcement oil plays like CHAP were getting loans to boost liquidity. CHAP spiked to .65 then got watered down. Webull doesn't really have CHAP shares to short. That's why VIG is high. They want you to get bored and sell so they cover cheap. But if CHAP runs they MUST gamble & may provide short ammo. They're dangerous if cornered but if they lose control 💥Game over
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