$CHAP @Dgofer What's your opinion on prices after the covid are over and the bk scare is over. Look at the prices before the big dip. This company has so much potential imo.
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@stockup81 Won't give price target. But the company is worth alot more than .52/share. At $34 WTI with 96.6 million BOE proved, each share is backed by $68.88 of oil/gas. And that does not include unproved reserves. All of these small cap oil plays have been the subject of short attacks since months before Covid...for no reason. They've been undervalued for a long time because somebody somewhere knew either COVID and/or Saudi/Russia price war was coming. On April 20 WTI closed negative -$37 and opened negative the next day. My opinion is the longtime shorting looked good to go on and many brokers decided not to cover...then suddenly... within hours WTI bounced so fast (see pic). And on April 30 the Fed announced Covid Main St Loans for oil plays. EVERY OIL STOCK SPIKED. Shorts COULD NOT COVER...had to keep shorting to stop death. WTI doubled since then $17 to $34 but ALL OIL PLAYS WENT DOWN ALOT. These BIG SHORTS may be facing BK if WTI stays above $33. We shall see⚡
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