$VXRT I have never seen someone so proud of his 8th grade education and career as a toilet cleaner, not that there is anything wrong with that. But do you wanna take advice from such a person?
$VXRT Do any of you thick-skulled people get the picture yet? "Only" down 8% today. LOL - and tomorrow it will be down some more, the next day down more, the next day, etc. Is it starting to sink in yet? I have an 8th grade education and was a janitor my whole life. Even I can see that this company is a joke. I seriously wonder if anyone in the whole company even went to college, much less graduated. Never heard of this company until its big rise last month. I could tell the next day that this is a short's dream. I called my broker and he confirmed that shorting this is as close to a sure thing, absolute zero risk as you can get. I am not losing a minute's worth of sleep even having the slightest concern this will go up. It's been a fun ride shorting it every day for 3 weeks with no end in sight. Garbage companies like this really are penny stocks and will probably finally reach a floor around a buck.
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