$ANKR.X $ZIL.X $BTT.X If you do your own DD this guy been pumping since day ☝🏾 now who would benefit from day one pump ? πŸ€” 4.9k ideas πŸ’‘ all $ADA.X if no one else smells a rat πŸ€ than you sipping too hard on the juice πŸ§ƒ matter fact who else could this be ? I’ll wait?
@earlybirdgetsthemoney You are Charles Hoskinson I’ve know this for a while time for your Rug to be pulled! You are all being deceived! Hurry grab your bags πŸ’Ό it’s not too late save yourselves! Why let this white πŸ‘Ώ take all your hard earned cash πŸ’° Evan $ANKR.X is giving it a Good Friday run πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Heck look at $ZIL.X $BTT.X will 10X in one Month to πŸ”œ 5 Pennies Mark my word (screenshot) whatever I know what’s going on behind the scene! πŸ’£
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