$TEUM No, no fraud. Don't you remember back in May of last year (2019) what was said on the CC? I want to reinforce Hal's comments about the remarkable transformation that Pareteum has achieved, along with this rapid growth and transformation, ""we have experienced some challenges including those related to our internal controls, primarily as a result of M&A integration."" During the first quarter of 2019, we implemented new controls over information technology access to address the identified and now remediated weakness in that area. (I guess that did not work out that well and Denis got fired) To help us move into the next phase of our development, we have engaged the Top 6 public accounting firm RSM, endorsed by our auditors Squar Milner to bolster our internal audit function and improve our internal control processes. They will partner with us, and Squar Milner is guiding us as we enter our next chapter of development and expected substantial growth.
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