$ONTX here is a video of a patient from their phase 3 trial that had high risk MDS. She went through the first two FDA approved treatments, which made her bone marrow worsen and get taken off the donor list. She was left with no more FDA approved treatment options. She elected to participate in the rigosertib trial. Within four weeks her bone marrow improved and she got put back on the donor list and ultimately catch matched up with a donor RIGOSERTIB saved this lady’s life. Believe in what you invest in, especially when there is hard proof of the success. This is why they restructured their phase 3 trial around the subset of patients with high risk MDS. Don’t sell for $1 and kick yourself when this is much higher. The proof that rigosertib works is accessible for you I’m the trials. Set a high sell limit and sit back. Do not panic on any dip. This will be big! player.vimeo.com/video/2840...
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