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      Isaah Nabers
      Sharing breakout stocks. (Before they breakout)
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      Southlake Research
      Southlake Research is a financial publishing company. The Southlake Report is a weekly investment newsletter: actionable intelligence (buy/sell) on a model portfolio. Founded by a former Goldman Sachs analyst.
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      The Real Larry Wildman
      retired | all comments made by me are strictly MY OPINIONS ONLY and any losses incurred by you are strictly YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES ONLY | *** charts never lie (keep it simple) ***
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      Cameron Osborne
      Swing and day trading is my game. I trade equities, futures, options, and FOREX. My opinions are based on technical analysis and reinforced by seasonality and statistics. Fundamentals play a role, but not the primary role in my trade ideas.
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      still dreaming BIG
      1/19/17 still finding my niche in trading either day trade or swing trade.
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      The Java Pit Trading Room
      93% of our whispers for 2014-2016 made $$$ by following THE DARK POOL. The stock whisperer is on tour across the US with the Money Show and The traders expo. She teaches while she trades live in her online trading room
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      Jerome Ruffin
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      Trade Meisters
      As a Momentum Trader, I seek to maximize profits by focusing on the Velocity of the move. I rely on my own blend of Technical Analysis & experience. DRIVEN BY PASSION. For LIVE VOICE ALERTS, join us on Discord Free:
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      Bilo Selhi
      Focused on finding opportunities that have potential to double within a day or two. 1,302% total return in 13 months. Members have advantage, see for yourself with a free trial. Disclaimer:
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      LuĂ­s Seixas Santos
      I am a private trader using propriety technical analysis with more than 18 years experience of investing in markets. Specialized in intraday trading of shares of Nasdaq, NYSE, AMEX and Futures, Nymex, CME, CBOT and mergers & acquisition.
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      Salman Aziz
      Founder of #thirtythirtyrule (low cap stocks that have the potential to achieve 30% gains in 30 days or less.) and #bigcapstocks (undervalued stocks trading at 10 dollars or above.)
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      The Black Swan
      Stocktwits, a reddit for investors. Never baghold! Greed kills! Be careful on Fridays! Goal 1k-100k-1M
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      Brian Pimentel
      Always out to help others. Truth is Gold , Lies is your future! !! Don't buy when I say Buy , it's your choice to press the button not mine. Fact!! That is Truth
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      Disclaimer: I will trade a stock according to the Bullish technical patterns & formations; I will stay in as long as the chart remains Bullish; be aware that I will get out of a trade without notice when the chart turns Bearish. Play at your ownrisk
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      Ive done well growing my own, sizable, stock portfolio. My moves might not always look profitable, but they always pay off. Common sense, great instincts, lots of reading, inherently understanding the world around me, helps.
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      Information is power. There is no knowledge that is not power. Posts and charts are my own thoughts and observations. I view trading is like poker, chess, and being a QB