$PHIL Regarding why Henry can't announce a buy back number as soon as we are current: Insider Trading laws. Henry can't give a number and can't even confirm he has bought back shares UNTIL the shares are on the PHIL books, owned by PHIL. Henry can't legally buy back shares while the company is not current, AND while he is the only one with Material Non-Public Information. Since the shares won't be on the PHIL books at the time the company becomes current, next week, they don't belong to PHIL and therefore can't be talked about. Additionally, until Henry makes the Non-Public Material Information about the company public, which he will do on the zoom call, he can't legally say he has bought back shares. Bottom line, until the company is current, AND Henry has disclosed all Material Non-Public Information, he can't legally buy shares, say he has bought back shares, or talk about how many he has/is buying. Spread the facts, not the FUD.
@DiggingDownDeepDaily $PHIL And I would urge you to actually read the links that provide examples since your understanding is way off base. Let me ask you something... Do the current finances of PHIL count as material, non-public information? Do you know how much money they have in their coffers? Do you think Henry knows how much money PHIL has? Do you think that Henry, knowing something as important as the current financial situation of PHIL, can buy back shares from the open market when he hasn't shared that information with the public? Do you think Henry, buying back shares from the open market when he knows how much money PHIL has presents a major advantage over all other traders who might not have sold their shares to him if they had known how much money PHIL had? Do you think those sellers would feel cheated out of their shares because they wouldn't have sold if they knew? Now do you see why you missed the entire point of insider trading laws?
@COOLEKO this is straight from the SEC 8K that he may purchase at open market up until 12/31/21.. what are you taking about that he CANT buy back his own shares until after current... that does not apply to the company.. it would apply for if Henry HIMSELF bought shares and was stockpiling them for himself instead of retiring the shares.. that’s the difference.. it is not illegal for the company itself to buy back so please understand that and stop this misinformation that he isn’t able to buy them back yet
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